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About Us

CustomMed Compounding Pharmacy

( formerly Eastlakes Pharmacy)


In 2002 Warren Lee and Stan Seeho, seeking a more professional role in the health care system started the art of Compounding. The Pharmacy Art of Compounding is the method of preparing medications to meet the unique needs of prescribers and patients. Compounding pharmacists can play a major role in the health care setting because of their ability to help solve the most challenging patient problems. 

For example, many patients are allergic to commonly used fillers, dyes, binders and other additives that are a part of mass-produced medications. In addition, many medications are available only in limited strengths and dosages. Working with doctors, innovative compounding pharmacists are continually providing solutions to medication dosing problems, meeting patients' needs, and providing improved quality of life.


Since 2002 CustomMed Compounding Pharmacy (formerly Eastlakes Pharmacy) have compounded over 10000 items for satisfied patients.