Working with your practitioner, a compounding pharmacist can customise nearly any prescription medication to suit your individual needs. The possibilities are nearly limitless! And remember... most compounded medications are dispensed only with a written prescription from a doctor. 

A few examples...



Adding a flavor often helps when orally dosing a finicky animal -- eliminating undue trauma to pet and owner. And when an oral medication just won't do, many drugs can be compounded into a transdermal gel. Imagine giving your animal a soothing ear rub while administering its prescription! And dosage adjustments can be important when dealing with a tiny animal like a small bird or a large animal like a horse. (Veterinary compounds, remember, are not intended for use in food animals.)


Flavourings help here, too. Avoid those squished-up faces when you give an "icky" medicine! Many times manufactured medications are not made with little ones in mind, and sometimes a child needs a dose adjusted for height/weight proportion. Not too weak, not too strong . . . just right! In addition, compounding pharmacists can often change the delivery method to something easier to take like a syrup, a lollipop, or an ice block and because we customise each medication to suit the child, we can leave out fillers, colours and flavours that the child may have intolerances or allergies to.

Not only do we work with the elite athletes of the NRL, AFL and Super 14, but with the everyday athlete just looking to stay fit and healthy. We give the Sports Doctor an alternative to commercially available medication. Some of the transdermal compounded medications can get the athlete back on the playing field faster without the side effects of oral medications.




A lot of the specialised medication used in this area are not commercially available. We specialise in a number of different dosage forms eg: cream, lotions, gels etc which deliver the required medication into the skin conveniently and cosmetically. We specialise in medication that is commercially available overseas but not in Australia.


We have been working with Specialist Pain Management Clinics for acute and chronic pain. Patients might benefit from various compounds such as non steroidal anti-inflammatory gels. These can work at the site of action, often preventing side effects like gastrointestinal upset because they are not taken orally. For neuropathic pain when the side effects of oral medications prevent their use, we can compound these into a transdermal preparation thus reducing these.